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The Month of Bright Colours

Hello lovely

February was the month of bright colours and celebrations. But with Mardi Gras parties still boasting the streets of Sydney, this is still the perfect time to shop for that fluro and daring outfit and look fabulous.

To be fair, bright colours and daring outfits should always be a thing. Firstly, it brings happiness to the environment. Secondly, I do like the idea of being different and being able to stand out, break the monotony. Besides colours rejuvenate the soul and bring happiness.

Well, this is what Trend Ripple is all about. We curate swimwear and gym wear based on colours, prints and designs that are meant to blow your mind.

How about starting here, the neon swimwear collection, shop perfect fluorescent colours, unique prints, daring bikinis.

In this collection you will find a few different ranges:

The Summer Range

Trend Ripple - Cut Out One Piece swimsuit green summer

This range showcases a youthful and funky style. The main feature on this swimwear collection are the gradient neon colours, the cut out details on the one piece swimsuits and the delicate charm detail on the tie-side bottoms.

They come in two different colours.

The orange gradient takes you back to the Jamaican roots, with warm and vibrant colours. The green and blue gradient takes you to a calm place maybe a peaceful Island in the ocean.

Both colours cater for girls who love tie-side, high waited or thick string bikini bottoms. The bikini top comes in a few options of crop top, thick or slim halter neck straps. And lastly, a few different styles of one piece swimsuits, with cut out sides and deep cut, open back.

The Gradient and Basic Range

Trend Ripple - Bikini Crop Top Basic Pink

These are for those who love a colourful swimwear but prefers to stay on the "less is more" concept.

This range features plain neon coloured crop tops and bikini bottoms as well as beautiful options of plain and gradient swimsuits.

I must say though... the one piece swimsuits were a success and many pieces were sold right at the launch day. So ladies, I can never stress enough, if you love it, get it!

The Tropical Range

Trend Ripple - Triangle Bikini Top Tropical

This gorgeous swimwear range came directly from the Brazilian tropics! With two choices of bikini tops and bikini bottoms, the tropical swimwear pieces feature a bright orange colour and a beautiful feather print, which is meant to resemble the Brazilian Arara Azul feathers.

Enough said, don't waste your time and go check out Trend Ripple's swimwear collections. We have a variety of styles to offer.

Are you ready to create a wave?


Trend Ripple

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