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Grapes, olives or strawberries - Small Breasts Edition

Hello beautiful ladies!

In this blog post, I will be celebrating and talking about bikini styles that complement small boobs.

No comparisons or societal norms here, forget all that; I love (and those who know me well will nod their heads, as they know it's true), I praise and always make sure woman accept they are beautiful and should be proud of their bodies regardless of shape and size. 

So let's dive in and have fun picking swimwear designs so you can flaunt that hot body at your next beach vacay!  

Halter Neck

Trend Ripple beachwear_woman wearing a white halter neck bikini top styling with the Multi-Styling Beach Sarong in blue

First off, halter neck bikini tops are definitely a timeless and all rounder bikini top style. They are always trending and normally can be worn in most types of water activities.

For the smaller breasts, the halter shape works perfectly generally because it showcases your shoulders and can give you a cleavage. They also have neck and back straps that can be well adjusted and give that uplift on natural breasts.

One Shoulder

Perfect blue bikini for olive to dark skin tone

The one-shoulder bikini top has the element needed to draw attention to your shoulder and arms. This style can still give you the support needed while keeping an elegant figure.

Trend Ripple has the perfect style with a golden chain detail which just adds to the elegance of this bikini top style.


Blonde woman wearing Kyles Renee one piece swimsuit made from 100% recycled materials

In my opinion, small boobs can rock the skimpiest bodysuit and one-pice swimsuits without looking over the top or the need of a lot of breast support!

The low deep cuts and open back bathers are a great option if you want to let other parts of your body shine too! 

Bandeau Tops

Cris cross bikini top paired up with an exclusive ruched bikini bottom

We are talking strappy floss bikini tops here! They are the number one in my opinion. So much can be done in terms of styling, with options of detachable halter neck straps which can come in handy when you're swimming in the ocean or dancing at a beach club.

This bikini top style also has one main can help you bring the attention to other areas of your upper body.

Bandeau bikini tops are not necessarily the best option if what you're looking for is support, however, if support is not your main concern, bandeau bikinis are a must have for your beautiful small breast!!!



Curvy woman wearing a fun and sexy trendy brazilian bikini set in black and colour black


The underwire bikini top or also known as balconette style bikini are also a good option specially for the ladies who love an extra support without having any pressure on their neck. I do feel that if this style features no padding, it would not be my first recommendation to the ladies with A cup or smaller, since there are more flattering bikini top styles for your cup size (ie. triangle or halter neck).

Otherwise if you like a more lounge, comfortable style which will still give that illusion of a bigger bust, this bikini style might be the perfect option.

It's all in the details

If your intention is to take away the attention of your breasts, generally wearing bikini tops with ruffled details, prints and front ties styles also helps you achieve that. They help enhancing your breasts while also taking the attention to other parts or your body.

In conclusion...Let's embrace every inch, knowing our worth doesn't depend on size or pinch.

In your own space, find self-love. You, beautiful woman, should stand proud when you look at yourself in the mirror.

Are you ready to create a wave this summer?


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