We all want to live in a world where people care about the environment and the people who live in it.

At Trend Ripple we are carefully looking into better ways of minimizing our impact and even though we have taken some actions, there is still a lot to be done. Here are just a few things we have committed to do:


Trend Ripple uses compostable mailers as well as compostable stickers, recycling paper bags/boxes and acid free paper.

We are committed to continually procure the best and lowest impact options for our shipping material whilst also trying to take the minimalist approach.

With that, we will also reduce the amount of rubbish irrespective if they are recyclable or not. 

A Click & Collect option is available on our check out, which means customers can come around if they live near-by. In that case, a recycled paper bag will be used instead mailers.


Our products are procured from smaller companies which manufacture these items on a smaller scale. 

We aim to continually pursue quality products and suppliers and try to understand their practices to ensure we are not linked to any kind of bad ethics.

The goal of Trend Ripple is to procure quality products that will last longer. The meaning behind our name is that the swimwear and active wear you purchase here are worn because you love them, irrespective of what the current fashion trend is. This explains the Ripple effect, being the epicentre of a drop in the water, creating a ripple effect which will follow into creating a wave, creating your own fashion trend. 

Carbon Footprint

Although we aim to source as much as we can locally, most things are sourced from different states or countries meaning it moves through the traditional transport system. 

Trend Ripple plans to engage with conscious companies also trying to minimize their impact. 

Trend Ripple is committed to working with NFPs in order to not only offset our footprint, but also contribute to solutions and initiatives in favor of the environment.

The causes we will be donating to will be as per our customer's votes which is Climate and Pollution. Trend Ripple is committed to donate 1% of the sales revenue to the NFP of choice. This means with every purchase you make, we will  donate 1% from our pocket. This will not affect or increase the price of your purchase. More details to be provided soon.

Donation will take place at the EOFY.

Future Projects

There are a couple of projects in mind and hopefully once the store is mature, there will be time and space to engage in new initiatives with our community to make use of up-cycled gym wear and swimwear, etc...

We would be more than happy to hear from you if you have any new ideas or are already involved in such initiatives.

The more we have our customers and community involved the better.

Together we can make this world better.



Trend Ripple