My Story


Trend Ripple Black Bikini Top_ Hype Lace bikini set perfect for a boat party

Hi beautiful!

I am glad you're here. My name is Carolina and I live in the dreamy Freshwater Beach.

As most women, swimwear is one of the most essential pieces of my wardrobe. Growing up in Brazil (the origin of the most amazing bikinis 😉), I must admit I was always spoiled for options, I was surrounded by vibrant colours, prints and a celebration of the female form through beautiful swimwear. 


Since my move to Sydney, Australia, about 17 years ago, I was always on the look out for unique styles of bikinis and active wear, something that would look flattering but also a bikini that would last longer than a few washes. 

It was a mission impossible. At that time, tiny bikini bottoms were a rare find!

Times have changed (thankfully), but I honestly still felt the lack of variety and quality in the available swimsuits.


That's when I finally decided to take a huge leap and created Trend Ripple.


By opening my own store, I felt would be able to break the monotonous world of "same same" and cater for the women out there craving for quality and jaw dropping swimwear designs.

I will be curating pieces from different parts of the world to fill up the gap we have and most importantly, to bring out the sexy, bold and adventurous spirit of each one of us.


How do I do that? I source Trend Ripple's premium swimwear collections from the most creative Brazilian boutiques, each piece designed to make you feel sexy, bold, and ready to conquer the day. And for those who want to look good while doing good, I also partner with incredible Australian sustainable brands, focusing on designs made from 100% recycled materials.


Trend Ripple is more than just swimsuits, it's a feeling. It's the confidence that comes from knowing you look amazing and unique. It's the freedom to embrace your authenticity and own your style, your trend. 

Are you ready to create a wave of endless possibilities?

Shop our collection now and discover the swimsuit that's waiting to unleash your inner beach goddess.

Founder, Trend Ripple