Trend Ripple Swimwear Founder Carol Gomes posing by the pool with a floral bikini top

Happy Bday to Trend Ripple!

Hello beautiful!

I'm thrilled to have you here, sharing this endless summer with me. I'm Carolina, the face behind Trend Ripple Swimwear & Active Wear, and to celebrate Trend Ripple's 'birthday', I'd love to dive in and share a bit more of my story; a story of passion, persistence, and a let's say...a dash of courage. But most importantly, it's a story of immense gratitude for every one of you who's joined me on this exciting journey, as a customer, as a supporter or as a friend.

Picture this...

Freshwater Beach in Sydney's Northern Beaches, where I now call home. A place where the beach and lifestyle just hypnotises you, it's hard to go anywhere else after you land here. Just like you, swimwear isn't just an outfit to me – it's a statement of confidence, a symbol of my personal style, and a conduit to my Brazilian roots.

Born in Brazil, I was undeniably spoiled by the vibrant, beautiful swimwear that fills the shores and colours that are actually, pretty much, in every single piece of clothing. Eventually, my journey took me to Sydney, Australia, where the hunt for unique, lasting, and fashionable swimwear began. Back then, finding a bikini that combined flattering style and quality and cool patterns was like finding a seashell in a haystack.

Change was on the horizon...

Fueled by my unwavering love for swimwear, I embarked on a mission to bring you pieces that resonate with your style, that embrace your body, but mostly a bikini that tell your unique story. I took the courage and created Trend Ripple – a haven for those who refuse to be confined by the ordinary. 🙌🏽

The collections I curate are a testament to boldness, adventure, and embracing the journey, yours and mine. Sourcing designs directly from high-end boutique brands, bringing their most creative designs to complement your special beachside adventures. And in one of my commitments to sustainability, I've been trying to collaborate and partner up with local Australian brands that share our values.

I couldn't stress enough that Trend Ripple isn't just about swimwear; it's about empowerment. It's about creating your trend, starting your wave, and watching it transform into a ripple that touches lives. It's about standing out, embracing your unique spirit, and rewriting the script of beach fashion.

Creating a Wave of Confidence and Boldness Through your UNIQUENESS.

Opening this online swimwear haven has been a whirlwind of emotions – excitement, doubt, and a fountain of newfound knowledge. But it's worth every single moment, because it's about YOU. Your stories, your smiles, your confidence – they're the driving force behind Trend Ripple Swimwear.

That's what I enjoy the most -seeing the happiness and the confidence shining through-  every time I am at the local markets, when someone comes to the showroom, through a review and an online purchase.

So, as we celebrate our anniversary, I'm extending my deepest gratitude to you, our incredible community. To mark this special occasion, I am giving back with world wide FREE SHIPPING until December 31, 2023, make sure you are part of the VIP community and just add the code HAPPYBDAYTR at the check out. It's a token of appreciation for your amazing support.

Join me in creating ripples of style, confidence, and authenticity. Let's make this anniversary unforgettable, one wave at a time.

With salty smiles and endless gratitude,


Founder, Trend Ripple Swimwear

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Proud of you, my friend, and your achievements! And love my Trend Ripple pieces! Such good quality and great design! xx


yey! that is such an achievement. Thanks for sharing a bit more of your story and for the gorgeous bikinis :)


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