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Hello lovely people

It's been a while, but the path of a start-up business is exactly like a roller-coaster. (ha!)

But as some of you may have seen on our Instagram page (@trend_ripple), Trend Ripple hit the markets last week for the very first time.

The event is a collaboration from The Pop Up Collective Australia and The Hotel Steyne, where they nicely organise the roof top for a Shop & Sip night market.

A night filled with live music, talented local businesses, beautiful people and obviously...good wine ;)

I was working around the clock to organise every detail needed in order to bring to you a nice pop up stall, where you could try on the pieces, touch and feel, and also have some extra info in relation to my on-line store concept.

I am very happy to say it was a successful night!

I was very pleased to hear all the comments, specially of people who were literally just quickly walking by and mindlessly touched the pieces. They would most times stop and go back to feel it again because the fabric was really good and soft.

The comments were positive and definitely highlighting the quality of the fabric, the designs and the bold prints.

It was very satisfying to get reassured on all of the things I already know and feel about these garments.

And because I know how challenging on-line shopping can be, I decided that for the next few months, I will be bringing Trend Ripple to you.

Based on the success of the market, this past October 27th, Trend Ripple will venture out of the peninsula and drive right into the other magical side of Sydney, the glamorous Eastern Suburbs.

Next destination: the Bronte Bazzar Market, November 27th, 8am to 2pm

Here is the link to the Facebook event, Will I see you there? 

Pst...Can you help me and share the news? There is someone out there who needs to get a ne bikini.



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