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Pre-Order and Save! New Collection Launch

Step into the world of timeless allure and embrace the essence of summer with Trend Ripple's exciting new bikini collection.

We are thrilled to announce that our highly anticipated line is available for pre-order until June 6th. As a token of our appreciation, we are offering our valued subscribers an exclusive offer to pre-order at an irresistible 25% discount.

Embrace the Chic

Trend Ripple's new collection was carefully crafted to embody the epitome of elegance. Each bikini design is a testament to the fusion of current trends and classic sophistication.

From vibrant and exclusive prints to sleek and alluring silhouettes, our new swimwear collection was made to enhance your natural beauty and empower you to exude confidence capturing every essence of the beach: Sand, Sea, Nature, Rocks. 

Pre-Order & Save

By becoming a subscriber you'll be among the first to see and own these stunning pieces and enjoy the VIP discount for pre-orders. The pre-order system ensures that your favorite designs are first available for you.

With 25% off the new collection, you can indulge yourself with your favorite designs. 

Join the VIP Club

Trend Ripple is all about women who appreciate elegance, quality, and sophistication. Whether you seek a minimalist chic look or crave vibrant patterns that make a statement, Trend Ripple's collection has something for every taste. 

As the northern hemisphere summer approaches, it's time to make a stylish statement with Trend Ripple's new gorgeous bikini collection.

Be the trendsetter you are and take advantage of our limited-time 25% discount by pre-ordering your favorite designs before the official launch in June 6th, 6:30.

Join our sexy community of confident women and be ready to create a wave of unforgettable moments.


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