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Ready, Steady...Go

I have always looked up at those incredible business women, building their own businesses and doing an amazing job in finding their way on their journey for success.

In my mind, I knew one day I would love to become one of them, I wanted to know what being the boss of your own life would feel like...I just never had the courage to really give it a go.

After a long period of thinking and pondering if any of that would ever be possible, I finally decided to take action and just like that, TA DAH! Things actually started moving.

Opening up a business, although on-line only, requires a lot of time and effort. I must admit the entire process so far has been a mixed bag of excitement, worry and doubts, but more than anything, a waterfall of new knowledge.

Enough said about that, words can't even describe how exciting this is! 

Trend Ripple is here to enhance your wardrobe, to entice you to bring out the creative and cheerful side you have in you. Here you will find the most exciting, creative and exclusive designs from all over the globe.

Slowly we are partnering up with smaller swimwear and active wear brands who's main goals align to Trend Ripple's.

The meaning of Trend Ripple is that a trend can last and be created by anyone and as soon as you understand your power, it will create a ripple effect...

You don't need to follow, you create your wave.

So Ladies, are you ready to create a wave? 


Carolina Gomes

Founder of Trend Ripple


What you think, you become.

What you feel, you attract.

What you imagine, you create.


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