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Rise up

In a recent post on Trend Ripple's Instagram story (@trend_ripple), I added a pool to find out which environmental causes sit closest to our community's heart.

Below were the suggestions and the votes:

  • Food 1%
  • Wildlife/Land 8%
  • Water 3%
  • Climate/Pollution 58%

With Climate/Pollution being a clear winner on this pool, Trend Ripple is now in search of two community groups or NGOs to contribute to. Trend Ripple is open to suggestions and would be happy to get more input from our local and wider community in Australia.

Trend Ripple would like to commit 1% of the revenue to either of the chosen environmental groups/causes. It means you are indirectly contributing with every purchase you make, but you're not paying anything extra for that. :)

Is this enough? No, definitely not. 

I wish I could do more and have a bigger impact on the overall community and environment. However, I believe every little thing we do as individuals and every decision we make as a small business adds up. Therefore I would like to rise up to this challenge.

If you read my previous blog post, you are following the beginning of the journey. 

The donations and the pursuit to find the most environmentally friendly packaging is just the start.

Let's keep re-inventing, brainstorming and collaborating.

Please drop a comment below or send us a "green" idea on our email 

We would love to be the trend setter. Ready to create a wave?


Trend Ripple 

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