Step by Step, oh baby!

Step by Step, oh baby!

Hello lovely people


I created this post because I'd like to share a couple of exciting deliveries I received today. (I feel like a toddler on Christmas Eve lol)

I have been putting a lot of thought on how I would like our packages to be presented to you upon delivery.

It seems like a simple task but I would love my packaging to match the amazingness of it's content, as well as attempting to keep our environment in mind, when it comes to logistics and packaging, at this day and age, less is more.

So I finally decided that my main objective, is in fact to use as much environmentally friendly content as possible. The majority of the packaging used by a lot of companies is still plastic and a lot of materials inside these packages will also end up in the bin in a matter of hours.

First delivery...

With that in mind and after a lot of research, I decided to start with the now so trendy (yey!) compostable mailers.

I found some really beautiful colours which actually is making it really difficult to decide since I like all of them...

The other component of Trend Ripple's compostable packaging bunch, are the compostable stickers. 

I will soon create another blog post to explain how it works.

Second delivery...

There are so many little things that are important to a business...but what I did not want to leave out was the Thank You card. I wanted to ensure you know your purchase means a lot!

So for these, I came up with a very cute card (you will have to see it yourself ;) ).

The cards are eco-friendly, made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper.

Well, I will finish this post by saying there is so much more to be done, not only for Trend Ripple's launch, but also for the planet.

I will keep brainstorming and finding better ways to run this store so we all can leave a smaller footprint.


Trend Ripple


How many of you have already experienced the joys of opening up your own business?

I would love to know more about your journey and the most valuable lessons you have learnt from it. Feel free to drop a comment below! 

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